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Who has the longest PiAware streak that started on your join day?

Just another silly little statistic thing with nothing on offer as a prize except bragging rights :smiley:

Similar to the Who has the longest PiAware streak contest? thread but with a twist.

Who has the longest PiAware streak that started on the day you joined?

For example, I have two feeders running - One of them joined on the 16th July 2017 but the streak started two days later on the 18th July 2017 so that doesn’t count.

However, the other one joined on the 4th November 2016 and that’s the day the streak started.

Who is committed (or crazy) enough to have kept a feeder going without a break since the day they joined?

For clarification, I’m talking about the day the feeder was joined to the site, not how long you’ve been a member - See below - Mine is 1359 days.


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Not sure if there was even feeding possible the day i joined 12 years ago:smiley:


I started feeding last year and since then the feeder did not have a break recognized by FA

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Apologies, I didn’t make it clear - I’m talking about the date the feeder was joined to the network, not the date you signed up. I’ve updated the top post to show what I mean.

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OK, then it fits for my first receiver:



18th July is my wedding anniversary :slight_smile:


Oh, just a few days ago. Congrats… to your wife that she’s still living with a crazy guy like you :slight_smile:


765 days for me:
Streak FA

This forum is to blame for this obsession of mine. The friendly atmosphere and the collective vast knowledge has cost me a decent amount of money (and given me a lot of knowledge about something that I previously had no interest in). Good work people! :laughing:


Screenshot 2020-07-25 at 16.42.01


Looking forward to joining the continuous 5 year club in a few weeks


I killed my streak while testing my Air!Squitter. The main receiver was off for > 24 hours :sob:

The only word that comes to mind is - ouch!!

Well, it is not that critical. There are more interesting things than this :wink:

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Time flies when you’re having fun. Living the dream at Priest River Airport (1S6) in North Idaho


As of today, just made it to the 5 year mark of continuous feeding. It’s been a fun ride and a source of much learning. Thank you to the many staff and users/feeders that have offered and given their expertise!!
C-YXE - Saskatoon, Canada


Well done!

I’m a year behind but trying hard to catch up.




I put up my first feeder in 2014, ran until 2017 perfect, I was living out of town at the time, it broke and was down too long that I couldn’t get back to it so my streak restarted in 2017. Whats weird is it shows I joined in 2017 but you can go to my profile and see I joined in 2014. Then something happened again and now my actual streak shows 799 days (7/2/2018 - Now). I gave up caring about the streak because something on the FA end went weird to mess me up more then I was in my outage LOL.

As of 20201004 - 1984 days streak since joined 20150501
@bramjacobse would have me beat by 15 days if didn’t break since posted 1928 days on July 25.


Wait till tomorrow :slight_smile:


Looks like yours is still going strong!
Navigator48 still has us both beat as of today at 2187 days (6 days short of 6 years)



Data Feed: October 4, 2020

Joined: April 30, 2018

Longest Streak: 889 days (4/30/2018 - Now)

Web Interface: PiAware SkyAware (requires local network connection)

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