Which Antenna for best Results?


Hi all

I am at the moment running a Rpi 3 with piaware 3.5 flightaware Prostick and 1090 filter with a 6 element home built colinear antenna.
The results from the antenna are to me fairly good but I would like better.
I am not Techie inclined (Don’t have a clue, I follow instructions then leave well alone).
Would a stock antenna perform better, or would a colinear with more elements be better?
What stock antennas on the market would be worthwhile investing in?
Here is a pic of the results I am getting at the moment.
Thanks in advance



IMHO Coaxial Collinear Antenna is the best.
But ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/mutability-vs-fa-or-2-ele-j-pole-vs-flight-aware-aerial-t39358.html


Some interesting results there so it looks like I will be sticking with the colinear, and maybe try different lengths and see what results I get from them.

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The specificity is that the greatest density of aircrafts is observed near the horizon line.
Therefore, it is most important to have a clean horizon line.
The Collinear Antenna antenna has a horizontal reception diagram (more elements is better). This is a very useful property.
Additionally, the amplifier will be useful… balarad.net/comparisonM50.htm

I think it makes sense to build another PiAware station - on cheap OrangePI + 1090 MHz Yagi directional antenna
May be it will be perspective to direct the antenna to the North sea. In the direction of the Netherlands, for example.


This is hard to answer unless someone has compared various antennas at same location and mounting height, connected to similar cable runs.

I use FlightAware antenna+Filter+ProStick, and am happy with it. Based on my experience, I recommend Flight aware 26 inch antenna + Filter + Pro Stick.


UK availability at ModMyPi


Please see the latest update in above referred thread
Mon Jul 24, 2017 - Comments about FlightAware Aerial mounted outdoors:


in my tests of more than five prfessional made ads-b antennas this was the best: shop.jetvision.de/epages/648079 … ucts/67020



I don’t trust the diagrams posted on the site for that antenna. Obviously it cannot have two lobes horizontally, it’s an omni 360 design!


Well guys it looks like I am going to have to experiment with some home brew antennas first. then make a decision home brew or stock.
Jeeez being retired keeps you busy.
Thanks for all your input guys


Yeah, it’s rough isn’t it? Every day is a Saturday! Don’t know how I had time to work!