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12 pole Collinear antenna vs official flightaware one

Hi all

I currently run a DIY built 12 pole Collinear antenna array which works great but it’s currently running indoors, it’s a big beast and I want to move it outside but I wonder if it’s any better than the significantly smaller official antenna, is it? I would rather put that up since it’s so much smaller but if it’s a chunk worse then I’ll just go with the slightly less cosmetic friendly DIY antenna :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you’re leaning toward the FA antenna, order it and try it indoors in the same spot as your DIY to compare performance. If it’s worse than your DIY, it would probably be worse outside as well so you could then return the FA one. My guess is that it won’t be worse but I don’t have a FA antenna.

I’m sure you’ll get a few comments from other FA antenna owners who might have been down the same DIY vs FA path.

I recently tested my FA antenna against one which was a lot longer and had a quoted better gain; but the FA one beat it hands down (bigger doesn’t always mean better!).

Range and numbers were only 50~60% using the bigger antenna compared to the FA one, so in my case the FA antenna is highly recommended. :+1:t2::grinning: