Where to find tail number for LH 430 EDDF-KORD 14 Apr?

It was a beautiful B744 – my favorite plane :slight_smile: Got a quick photo at KORD while waiting for next flight segment, and that was it.

Tail number started with D-AB, didn’t catch the last two digits. :frowning:

Looked at flightaware.com/live/flight/DLH430 but didn’t have the tail number.

Since FlightAware accepts tail numbers to search for a flight, stands to reason the data is present somewhere, isn’t it?

I’ve tried looking at lots of places so far. U.S. government’s BTS website doesn’t have LH in their per-airline/flight stats; tried various flight tracker sites - nada, was a Toronto-area ACARS website with another LH B744 but wrong time of day, so not that.

Any suggestions? I even called LH reservations. :slight_smile: But as expected, they said that information wasn’t available to them. A polite brush-off, I think it was. Oh well. But still interested.

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We only have tail numbers for flights that fly as their tail number. Your best bet is one of the ACARS groups.

Thanks, guys - much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

The ACARS site in the UK did the trick. I didn’t find info there last night due to server issues there, but now that it’s been resolved, it worked like a charm.

For the record, LH 430 EDDF-KORD 14 Apr 2008 was tail number D-ABVZ, MSN 29870. Third youngest of LH’s fleet of 30 B744s, delivered in early 2001.

jetphotos.net/census/aircraf … =747-29870

Ahhh, that makes sense. :slight_smile: Thanks for the clarification.