Which N-number with flight number? (N414QX)


I live in San Diego (KSAN). Alaska Airlines just unveiled a livery plane for SDSU (N414QX), a Dash 8 Q-400 (“DH8d”). It would be fun to try to track this airplane, but as far as I can tell, for commercial flights, you can only go by flight number. Am i wrong? I’d love to be able to track 414, and not just any DH8D.


From the ATC system we only get the flight number. Many major airlines choose to send us their tail numbers along with the gate assignments, baggage claim, etc in a separate system, but Alaska does not for the Horizon fleet.


OK, so I’m not missing something right under my nose. Thanks for the reply.


Is there a list of carriers that include tail numbers in a query response (by flight number)?


Please search the forum before posting, a list has been posted here.