Where to download older version of Flightaware Iphone App?

I’ve recently purchased an unlocked/jailbroken Iphone 3GS on Ebay. I’ve gotten it up and going with one of AT&T’s prepaid GoPhone sim cards.

I want to use a Flightaware App, but my Phone runs Ios 3.1 and the latest version of the Flightaware App requires version 4.0+. As I understand it, I cannot update to a newer OS without risking my phone becoming locked and unusable? Therefore, I’m trying to find an older version of the Flightaware App, but Itunes only offers the newest version. When I find links to download previous version, they always send me to the Apple Store where I can only find the current version of the Flightaware App.

Where can I find an older version that will work on Ios 3.1 without updating to a newer version that might lock my phone?


The older version of the FA app is no longer supported or distributed.