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Where is Flight aware offcie actually located at Bush Airport in Houston?


Hey Folks. I just flew down to George Bush Airport in Houston over the weekend for a kidney transplant procedure. I walked all over the airport looking for the Flight Aware office so I could get a badge for it. I flew in on United flight 6176 and returned yesterday on United Flight 2107. Both flights packed full like sardines.

I was kind of frustrated because everyone I asked where Flight Aware offices were located at looked at me with crossed eyes and shook their head saying No idea. Even the police officer or rather officers I asked as I meandered through the building had no idea.
It is really hard to locate if in fact it does exist. The taco place I ate at in Terminal C which was all United was good though, so it was not a completely wasted trip but the jacket they had in a gift shop with the NASA flight jacket with patch on it was 238 dollars so I left it on the hanger.
I will be going back and forth in the coming months so if you could please advise me how to find the facility I would like to get the badge. Kind of a bummer to come a long way and not get the badge.


Eleven Greenway Plaza, Suite 2900
Houston, Texas 77046

Not at the airport.