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Where did YBWW go?

Short Story:- YBWW was available in FA - but now it isn’t.

Long Story:-
There is a new airport being built near Toowoomba. The location is called Wellcamp and the ICAO Airport code is (will be) YBWW.
The airport is not yet open but is available for flight plans and is being planned to by several aircraft.
This airport was available in FA and I was able to select it as a ‘My Airports’ in My Flightaware… but today I went to look at the flights (given that the airport had an Open day with many fly-ins) and get a message saying that YBWW is not a valid airport code.
The airport is shown in the FA map overlay but the tag no longer appears.

I would like it back in the list if possible please.



Problem solved - its back again. Thank you Daniel…