FlightAware Aircraft Speed/Routing


Just tracking TOM1674 (flightaware.com/live/flight/TOM1 … /MMUN/EGBB) enroute to my home airport.

  1. Are the speeds displayed the airspeed or ground speed?
  2. I recognize EYW and PBI (two airports in South Florida ) but not the others can what are they?


1 Groundspeed
2 Not sure, plane has left US airspace and the map is zoom waaaaaay out at the time of this posting. All FL airports can be found at flightaware.com/resources/airport/browse/FL


That is the route, 3 letters are ground based navigation stations, 4 are airports, and 5 are intersections. Things like AR123 or J567 are airways. They can be used in the flight plan much like “I’m taking the M6” you don’t have to list every town you are driving through.
EYW and PBI are actually the nav. stations that happen to be located on, or very near, those airports. DUB is Dublin.
As you probably noticed by now, as soon as the aircraft leaves US or Canadian controlled airspace Flight Aware is no longer able to track it.



neat website. didn’t know about that, thanks


ahh you know about the M6? :slight_smile: thanks for clarifying


I work in Saudi, but get to London 3 or 4 times a year. I haven’t actually been on the M6 but did spend a loverly winter evening, in the rain of course, sitting on the M25 driving from Heathrow to Cambridge once.


:laughing: There’s your problem, should have taken the M11 to Cambridge! Accent added. :wink:


Actually it was the M25 to the M11. First and last time I drove in England.


Maybe so, but if you drive in the Saud my hat’s off to you John!

Only worse drivers are the Indians and the Chinese.


Yeah, I do drive here. It is interesting. A mixture of drivers that think they have to save gas by not turning on lights and driving in 4th gear at 30 MPH, and other drivers that don’t mind passing those cars by using the dirt median while going 80. Then there’s the highways.


Ever been to Boston? Worst drivers in the country. By worst I mean nuts.


nahhh worst are in South Florida Broward/Dade. No indicators, riding on your back side. They crash on a straight, level road. THEY SUCK


My vote for worse drivers would be “joisey” in the round abouts, traffic circles or whatever you wish to call them things.


However those of us who live here have no trouble negotiating the circles, unlike hayseeds from MS, CA, WA, etc. http://img57.echo.cx/img57/3364/sc0421pv.gif


ahh, haha u mean the jug angles! they were a pain.


No, he meant the traffic circles, not the “jughandles”, which are becoming fairly commonplace anywhere that has a population greater than two.


Yet more proof about those joisey drivers, having to make a right to make a left :stuck_out_tongue: where us hayseeds know our lefts from our rights.

I wanna make a left, I turn left, I don’t turn right to turn left.

Now, should I put my left foot in, my left foot out and shake it all about? :smiley:


Yeah, those jughandles used to piss me off. Down here in FL it seems like turns were left out of driving school. For example: Stopping in the right lane in order to make a right turn…or waiting for the left arrow at a green light (clear of oncoming traffic) to make a left. My horn gets quite a workout.


Want some real fun you two?

Give directions to your house to folks who have never experienced either traffic circles or jughandles before!

Me: “Now you’re gonna’ want to make a left on Hartford Rd. so get all the way to your right.”

Them: “What?”

Me: “You want to make a left on Hartford Rd. so get all the way to your right.”

Them: “Why should I get to the right if I’m going to make a left???”

Me: “Because you have to go past Hartford Rd. and exit the jughandle on your right to make a left turn!”

Them: "WHAT?

Me: “How about I email you a map?” :laughing:


“Who’s on first.”

“I don’t know”

'Third base!"