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Question about speed information in 'Flight data' configuration

Could you please let me know if the speed (in Flight data configuration) is either true airspeed or ground speed? I know that the speed in Flight track log is ground speed; however, I am now asking the speed shown from the webpage (when you click the particular flight). For example, when I click one of planned flights, we may be able to see the speed information in ‘Flight data’ configuration from the webpage.

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I’d say it’s always ground speed unless specifically stated otherwise.

I checked one flight which is active on the map and compared it to another site which shows both.

The value on FA is the ground speed.

Thank you so much for your replies! I meant, actually, when you see any planned flight, (let’s say planned in tomorrow) Flightaware still provides the planned speed information in Flight data tab (or configuration). If it’s ground speed, how would they be able to estimate the speed before takeoff?

Please note that I am not talking about any historical or active flight. For these flights, I am pretty sure that it’s ground speed.

Not sure, but i think flight plans for planes flying at high altitudes normally have a mach number mentioned in their flight plan.
From the mach number and the planned cruising altitude you can generate a true airspeed.
Don’t know if flightaware will then also take forecast wind into account, really no clue.

Could also be that it’s just calculated from the distance and estimated arrival times from the airlines.

@obj do you know where the planned speed for future flights on FlightAware comes from?

The “filed” values are just straight from the flightplan data we get from ANSPs, which I believe is usually TAS (and just indicative)

Thank you all so much for letting me know the valuable information! It’s really good to know.