Where can i buy a DC adapter for the Maycom AR-108AE?


I just bought a Maycom AR-108AE radio online but I can’t seem to find the DC adapter for it. I was told by another online store that the model number is CP-02 but Maycom has discontinued them. Does anyone still sell them? Does anyone here have one I can buy? I don’t want to have to keep using batteries because it seems like the lower they get, the weaker the signals are.

Also does anybody know the voltage and amps it needs? Maybe I could get one at Radio Shack (if I knew the tip size too) but the online stores didn’t seem to know this info either.


Take it to your local RatShack and they should be able to get you the correct tip. Unless this thing is 30 years old it should say what the voltage is on the AC-in plug and what the correct tip polarity is.


Problem solved! It works when I hooked it up to my RS 9 volt 800 mAh AC adapter with an H tip! The RS DC adapter that I use in my car is 9V and 1000 mAh and it works too!!!

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Instead of using your radio why not just go in the internet and listen? Here’s a link:
You can sit in your living room and listen. No need to go to the airport.
This is just one of many internet sites available. For more, check on Google.
Good luck.


Yeah I’ve used a couple of online feeds and they’re all delayed. I like to listen LIVE!


Yeah, you’re right, but hey, its only 20 seconds according to the FAQ on this website. You can get an app for your iphone or android also. I used to be a big radio fan but since the advent of the internet, smart phones, etc, I’ve gone to the digital world and dropped the radio stuff. Radio is so 80s.
Here at MSP the pilots are complaining about icing…light snow storm.


I’m the opposite, I’ve grown tired of staying home listening to online/smartphone feeds; I like to get out of the house and follow the action live in person at KFNT. You can’t kill radio, it’s here to stay.