Maycom AR-108AE reviews please?


Hi I use a Radio Shack Pro 106 scanner hooked to a Radio Shack 20-032 magnet mounted mobile antenna in my car, and when I sit in the cell phone lot of KFNT (Flint Bishop) or drive on the roads that wrap around it, sometimes I can barely make out the tower and planes; they’re really fuzzy a lot of the time. I’m guessing it’s due to my using a digital trunk tracker, so I looked online for an air band only handheld and found a site selling a Maycom AR-108AE. I’ve never heard of it, is it any good? Will my reception be improved while around the airport? Also I can’t tell if the included antenna is detachable; how well will it receive inside my car? Also is 2 AA batteries the only way to power it? Doesn’t it allow an AC or DC adapter? I’d appreciate any input.

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Flint, MI area


Instead of using your radio why not just go in the internet and listen? Here’s a link:
You can sit in your living room and listen. No need to go to the airport.
This is just one of many internet sites available. For more, check on Google.
Good luck.


Yeah I’ve used a couple of online feeds and they’re all delayed. I like to listen LIVE!