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Local airport radio traffic

What phone app do I need to be able listen to local traffic at my local airport (general aviation)?
Thanks in advance…

Unless there is a direct feed from the tower or someone has setup a local receiver to provide an internet feed, it may only be possible to hear the traffic with your own receiver.

First thing to do is find out if there is a local feed.

(what country are you interested in?)

Available feeds

I just did a quick search and there are four Apps on the play store that claim to offer live feeds.
(no guarantee they offer your country/area)

A little further down is “Air Band Receiver” by Eric Loffler that uses the same RTL dongle as we use for AIS, to receive Air Traffic (if your phone supports OTG).

I haven’t used any from above, but I do like “SDR Touch” by Martin Marinov as a general purpose receiver.

I’m in North Carolina, USA. KBUY is my local airport; there is no atc tower here but I think someone once told me there was an app that would allow me to hear pilots communicating with other pilots and the FBO as they are approaching the airport or preparing for take off.

Well we all have a radio in those Pies we use to RECEIVE RADIO SIGNALS from ads-b. Granted that ATC is VHF in the 108 to 137 MHZ and adsb is just in the GIG range but if you can get another general purpose dongle and longer antenna with some software there is no reason you cannot receive local airport radio traffic. You cannot use FA dongles and antennas as they are tuned for 1090 MHZ and not the lower VHF traffic.
I seem to recall someone mentioning some Windows software that would act as a tuner. (oops did I say a bad word)

SDR# is an excellent radio receiver to listen to airport radio traffic.

The latest release allows channel and band scanning.

Here is an excellent tutorial on setting it up.