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Where are planes being parked due to COVID?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use FlightXML to find a list of planes parked at a specific airport. My original idea was to look at the planes that had arrived at that airport, but it looks like the Arrived function only returns flights from the last 24 hours. Does anyone know if it’s possible to query this type of information on FlightXML?


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German airline Lufthansa is storing their aircrafts currently In Frankfurt (FRA) on north west runway, in Munich (MUC) and the not yet opened airport in Berlin (BER)

No idea if this can be queried via FlightXML as these do not move currently

Rows and rows of British Airways aircraft are parked up at Bournemouth International, EGHH, having arrived from, mostly, Heathrow, EGLL, over a period of weeks.

That’s not necessarily the “storage” airport. Several aircraft are still operational and on their normal routes.
But most of them are not…

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