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How do I find where a physical plane went AFTER it landed?


apologies if this is really obvious but I couldn’t find a discussion on it or an FAQ. What I want to find out is how to track a plane’s next movements after it has landed on a scheduled flight. (I lost something on the flight and can’t find out where it ended up).

The flight was BA185 on 10/4/2015 from LHR to EWR. It arrived in Newark at 10/4/2015 13:15 EDT.

Can anyone help me find out where it flew to after that? Did it go back to Heathrow or somewhere else?

Many thanks in advance!


Best bet would be to contact the airline and ask if they have a lost and found at EWR, or found your item in the aircraft while cleaning it for its next flight.

Also, British Airways only flies to LHR from Newark. The plane went back to London, then it when who knows where.