No flight updates after planes get close to the airport to land


We noticed we are not getting any more updates from FlightXML API after planes get close to the airport. We are polling every 30 seconds. Is there any parameter we should include? KLGA -latlong “40 -75 42 -73”

We are getting planes around LaGuardia Airport in Queens, NY. For the plain below, we got the last updates 2 miles from the airport:

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The likely case is that the the flights no longer receiving updates have been marked as “arrived” and will no longer appear when using your current query. Adding the value -inAir 0 will allow you to see the last position of an arrived flight along with it’s arrival time. Alternately, if a faFlightID stops appearing in the results it can be passed to FlightInfoEx as a lower cost check of a flight status instead of a whole Search for a single flight.

The results from Search are typically updated about once a minute. If a plane lands before the next update would have happened it can leave a last position outside the airport. Once a plane has landed position data in search will no longer receive updates. This can create the appearance that planes are disappearing before reaching the airport.