What would santa fly?

We all know that reindeer cant fly, and that santa isnt real, but what if he was? What would he fly? :laughing: :wink:

I think he flies a Fed Ex MD-11, which is why many of us get packages with Fed Ex labels on christmas day.

What do you think? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

You were close. :wink:


MD-11 is my favorite tri-jet! Can’t wait for the PMDG one!

Oh yee of little faith! Of course reindeer can fly, but only on Christmas Eve, it’s in their union contract. You can’t imagine what they go through to keep their ratings current. And the flight plans they file…boy do we have a lot of restricted air space. It’s a wonder anyone in D.C. even gets any gifts!!! (Oh wait…they’re Congress, they give themselves presents!)
The real question is: What does Santa fly in his off time?
(Love the Finnair shot Newark777.)


Excuse me but I think your facts are wrong. Just the other day I was talking to the Easter Bunny and he mentioned that he had just flown with Santa on a test flight (Rudolph’s nose was on the blink and had to be fixed and test flown).

Strange. Since Santa was able to fly prior to Rudolph joining the team, I wouldn’t have expected Rudolph’s nose to be on the Minimum Equpment List for the sleigh. Surely Santa could just placard Rudolph’s nose INOP and proceed without it. :slight_smile:

While we are on the subject of the sleigh, is that listed as Amateur Built Aircraft? Did Santa have to go through ACSEP? I mean, these are important issues you know! I don’t want to see him get in an accident and get the NTSB involved. It could hold up Christmas! and one last question…will he file VFR or IFR? We want to be able to track him!

Santa’s sleigh is the USAF Museum “Aircraft of the Week”.


We all know Santa likes to fly an A-10 when the sleigh is in for depot maintenance:

af.mil/shared/media/photodb/ … 0W-007.JPG

He got a Noseworthiness Directive last Xmas. Looks like Rudy got it fixed. He’s over Sweden now.

Unless Santa does some treetop flying in a sleigh cub, I’d suspect IFR.

Unless of course, his transponder and stealth like movements are not detectable in class A airspace

And surely NORAD trackers would have a willy nilly fit with Santa among other 1200 traffic?

Or if VFR was feasable maybe NORAD gives Santa’s lil blip a red color 1200 code to track him as surely we wouldn’t want NORAD to lose tracking Santa as he traverses may timezones and give clearance to land to the wrong 1200 plane er sleigh I mean? :smiley:

Also, Mz Claus may want to time the hot coco to be hot and toasty and wouldn’t want Santa VFR so she can track him too!

1200=Visual Flight Rule squawk code on the transponder for those not intimately familar with aviation

Just heard an interview with a NORAD officer about Santa on the radio. Among other things, he said that they use a combination of 4 different technologies to track him (one of them is Rudolf’s red nose, but he did not mention a transponder) and that Santa went at very high speed between stops and then slowed for each house. He hastened to say that NORAD does not spend any government funds to track Santa. You can call NORAD toll free and talk to a briefer if you have any questions: (877) 446-6723.

That NORAD radio show used to freak me out when I was a kid.

Well, yeah the MD-11 has better payload, but, impossible to land on many roads of the subdivisions. I think it’s more a hub and spoke system. He meets the MD-11 at the local airport, and then distributes locally w/ this…as evidence here…

I bet he flies a Shorts SkyVan.

He needs the short field performance.