Rudloph Flight

Does anybody know what a rudolph flight is? i logged in and at the top of my screen it says that a rudolph flight is scheduled.

Think about what day it is and I’m sure you can figure it out. :wink:

I am sorry to report due to the fact that Rudolph’s flight is outside FA tracking area, that you please change your web browser channel to…


And I quote Carlos Mencia…



Have no clue what i was thinking. I guess i forgot about tomarrow when i posted that. Thanks for you guys for not ripping my head off about this. :astonished:

How do you view Rudolph’s flight plan??

HEY the Sled has been ski’s up for several hours now… What is the jolly old mans ETA to FA (covered) airspace?

I have to say I am just a bit disappointed. When I saw that note on the Flight Aware homepage, I assumed that it was an indication that Flight Aware would be doing a simulated Santa flight using the regular Flight Aware interface. I had even e-mailed a friend who has a small child saying that they should go to Flight Aware to watch Santa’s flight.

Unless I missed something, the note on the home page was all that there was. Hmmm. Am I the only one who misinterpreted this?


It says the flight is scheduled. Can’t track something that hasn’t left yet.