Rudolph !!


In green letters, at the top of the Live Tracking page, it says:

“Rudolph Flight #1: Scheduled

Can we hear live ATC for this flight? :laughing:


I know every Christmas Eve night that I can remember, on the radio there is a Santa watch and it is the funniest thing EVER on the radio. At one point the radio jockey is like " let’s listen in on whats going on!!!" Then you here a pilot “Hello we are in a F-117 stealth fighter and we just caught sight of a unidentified flying object, we can’t seem to gain on this object it appears that there are 8 reindeer pulling a red sleigh with a man in it!!!” FUNNY S**T and to see my sister look around every which direction as we laugh at her. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: