What Will Happen To JAL's 787?


This specific 787 I’m talking about is the one that the battery caught on fire in Boston. I hear that JAL’s livery was removed and it is just plain white now.

Will it receive JAL’s livery again and be put back into service again?


It has been speculated that some sort of white covering was put over the titles. This would be cheaper than totally removing the titles. Also, JAL will repair the plane. Although the fire did damage, JA829J is definitely not a write off. It would be a waste of a new airplane (829J entered service in Dec. 2012) to have the aircraft scrapped and used for spares.


The covering of airline titles/markings is normal after an accident (hull loss or not).


flightaware.com/live/flight/JAL8 … /KBOS/RJAA

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