INFO: JAL's Resumption of 787 Ops Saturday, June 1


JAL will be resuming their 787 ops on June 1.

Here is a link to their schedule as of May 30, 2013 1045 PST:

JAL 787 Itinerary & Info

I’ll post the tails of the 787s going to SAN & BOS when I get the info.

Here are the permalinks for the re-inaugural NRT-SAN & NRT BOS flights:

As a SAN spotter, we and the guys up in Boston are probably pretty happy that JAL66/65 & JAL8/7 will be going daily as of June 1. The daily flights for SAN were scheduled to start in March, with BOS going daily a little before then (if memory serves right). Because of the 787 grounding, though, NRT-SAN/BOS each went 3/4 times weekly, most likely because of the 777’s larger capacity.

As a side note, JA830J was delivered today, and may operate one of the 787 flights on June 1. JA829J was the newest 787 in JAL’s fleet before 830J, so hopefully 830J will have better luck in its first 3 weeks of service than 829J did (I won’t re-explain what happened, for the sake most people already know).


Ironically, JA829J is en route to Boston operating JL8. They must not believe in bad luck :wink:.


JA824J is en route to SAN as JAL66.