News on another board has JAL planning NRT SAN with 787’s. No official announcement nor date, but with OW ff and the success of BA’s LHR SAN, this is great news. We finally get ns to Asia, thanks to the performance of the 787. This could not be done with any other type aircraft without severe weight penalties, and a financial loser. Our terrain challenged airport is truly becoming an world international destination with improved technology in aviation. Can’t wait, fun guessing what’s next. :smiley:

Additional, info is coming from Nikkei in Japan and states that service will start sometime this year. Service also starts to Helsinki in addition to San Diego.

Announcement made

Well it’s about friggin time! This is awesome. But they might start thinking about expanding the 2-gate customs area lol…

San Diego Union-Tribune Story

Boeing just announced a San Diego stop on the 787 tour, according to SD Union Trib. March 13, mark your calendars, spotters will be in abundance. :smiley: