BA 272/273


Here we go again, San Diego.
BA is starting its LHR/SAN nonstops on June 1st, using 777-200’s.
Third time’s the charm one would hope. They are confident that it will be more successful now since the new partnership with AA & Iberia started.

In other SAN news, Volaris will be starting nonstop service to Guadalajara & Mexico City on June 15th.

Nice to see international stuff picking up at SAN… Now if only we could get a little more Europe service and then something to Asia… Maybe the 787 can help with that.


Loads so far seem good for the new flight, BAW didn’t need any sales to start the route, therefore, the route is doing pretty good. No doubt in my mind that Speedbird will switch the 787 on the SAN-LHR route. I read an article on them wanting to start SAN-LHR in 2012 with the 787. This means that when BAW gets their 787’s, SAN will be one of the first destinations to see the Plane.

Also Spirit will be starting 2x Daily LAS-SAN service starting September 7th.


A daily 787 at SAN? NICE. But that would cut capacity in the process. I believe these 772’s have 275 seats in 3-class config. Correct me if I’m wrong.
I wonder what the takeoff run will be for a 787 at MTOW? If it can take off on runway 9 at MTOW (7600’ to 27’s displaced threshold or you’re toast) and still meet engine-out requirements (get to 660’ like NOW), then maybe they can start running cargo as well.

BTW, I messed up my original post. Volaris actually starts on July 15th.


There has been talks that BAW just might in the future, switch back to a 747-400 series. With this being the third attempt, it was BAW’s thought that a 787 would best suit the route. But loads seem good. Heres a link to Speedbird 273 landing at SAN, around 0:06 he shows a glimpse of the cabin and it looks really good loads!

With a 787, there would be no weight penalty, like what the 772ER takes on this flight.

BA selected SAN as it’s first (and only?) new U.S. route in 2011 because, It’s a large market that BA sees as profitable. This is a proven market, and while yields will not be as strong as the likes of LAX, BA will have the monopoly on direct SAN-Europe, and hope ANA with a 787 will have a monopoly on Asian routes. :wink:


Also…if they do see a need to downsize a little, a B763 will make the trip. Zoom used those on the SAN-LGW before they were shut down.


Not really a new US route. It’s a resumption of a route.

BA have other new US routes this year:
London via a stop in Antigua to San Juan
London to Tampa

Q&A British Airways CEO on why airline is back in San Diego


London-Tampa is several years old.


You’re right. It’s not a new service but an increase in service from 5 times a week to daily.