What is the smallest airport?


What is the smallest US airport with a jetway.


What do you mean by smallest airport?

PSC Pasco, WA has one jetway. Its a goofy one cuz the terminal is on the ground level. It wraps around the side of the building as it descends from airplane height to the ground.


RDG - Reading, PA had commercial service up until a couple of years ago.

They had no jetway, one “gate”. Pre-9/11, the same GA that checked you in, then went over and ran the security station / metal detector / x-ray machine.

They had no luggage carosel (sp?). The would cart the luggage over and put it in on this table.


Define smallest

Smallest square footage of the terminal? (that one’s going to be virtually impossible to answer)
Shortest runway?
Fewest passengers in 2007?

PSC does only have a single jetway, but it has a fair number of enplanements, Souix City, IA (SUX) has 2 jetways but I’d venture to say fewer enplanements and is a smaller terminal.

Mid-America Airport (BLV) also has 2 jetways but VERY few flights (fewer than 1 per day) and I’d venture to say very low enplanement numbers. Its terminal is probably smaller than PSC but bigger than SUX.


oh i really wasn’t thinking when i asked it i was thing terminal building sizes.


oh i really wasn’t thinking when i asked it i was thing terminal building sizes.


I’ve only been to the White Plains (i.e. Westchester County) Airport once, but it is the first and only time I have ever seen a one-room waiting area for ALL gates - all four of them. There are two doors leading to the gates from the waiting room, each door services two gates. One gate has a jetway, I believe. The entire commercial passenger part of the airport is essentially this one big room with small-to-tiny ticket counters and car rental counters in the wings (if you can call them that) on either side of the Big Room secure area, plus an observation area in the insecure part above and around the Big Room. The security checkpoint is only some 50 ft from the road drop-off point. I have a photo I can upload later if anyone is interested.

One thing I find odd is that White Plains has less than half the passenger traffic of Islip (MacArthur/Long Island), but more than twice the number of airlines service it.


The airport at Yakima, WA YKM does not have a jet way. It has a newly expanded waiting room with restrooms now. It has doors (gates) on either end but only one end is used for Skywest and Horizon. Horizon has four daily departures (2x Q200 and 2x Q400) and Skywest has two daily departures w/ CRJ-200’s. Last time I flew out Horizon was handling ground services for Skywest so there was only one little counter. TSA to passenger ration is about 1:2. Baggage claim is a garage door with a sloping metal ramp they throw your bags on.


Moosonee Ontario ( Southern tip of the James Bay )
Behind the HS-748.



Until last year AVP (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International) had two gates, one at ground level and one with a jetway. They just opened the new terminal with eight, count 'em eight, jetways.


KJHW is pretty small. I think there is 2 flights/day to KIAD and Bradford, PA (35nm away) by United Express.


you guys know u can look it up on airport info on flightaware right =P


If you don’t put a restraint on your question like “with a Jetway” (notice it’s capitalized because it’s a registered mark of FMC Technologies, then there are hundreds of airports worldwide that receive scheduled airline service that have a hut or similar small building for the terminal.


Yes i know its a trademark the real term is jetbridge or something. but i want the ones with jetbridges.


Did you ever fly out of the old RDG before they re-did it?


I did, many a time during the late 70s. Erie (KERI) used to be a lot like Avoca back in the day as well, two gates and NO jetways. Now they (KERI) have something like six gates and three jetways and it’s an “international” terminal.

I often used to make the drive from KERI to KPIT in under two hours down I79, and that was when the speed limit was still 55MPH.


No, I haven’t used RDG. If I want an alternate I usually use ABE.


untill i posted this i thought kACY and kMYR are small KMYR has a lot of mainline for such a small airport.


Was pretty sad - right after they got done completely re-habbing and upgrading the terminal, they lost their service.


wow it’s nice to see some talk about my neck of the woods. the only reason eri is “international” is because of a flight to toronto. not even sure if they still have it. jhw is small w/ 2 flights as leardrv said. i live in bradford and there is 1 gate w/ no jetway. it’s serviced by saab 340s from united express previously colgan. hub changed from pit to iad to increase enplanements. but the cost is prohibitive. bfd is under eas so they don’t care if they have passengers or not. just went to hou last week jetblue from buf to hou 250 bfd to iah 680. can’t compare. despite the e190 from jfk to hou back to jfk was broken upon arrival to hou. jblu took good care of us w/ food vouchers tickets and hotel vouchers. it stunk being stuck at hou for 14 hrs but they did well by me. sorry to digress. but bfd and jhw are pretty freaking small.