Airports w/o Jetways

Just wondering what airports (that airlines serve) don’t have jetways and make you board by ground

Just had a similar question come up.

Kona (PHKO) in Hawaii comes to mind, at least it was that way 5 years ago, as well as Key West (KEYW).

Seems like KSAN is my airport of choice for today to talk about. I remember before they redid the airport Continental used jet stairs to load and unload people from there planes. I don’t remember if it was all the time though. I do remember once I flew on a 737, with the meatball scheme, and we disembarked off the left side of the plane. This was back in 1992 when they were in Terminal 1, now Southwest rules that area of the airport. Now I can’t ever remember getting on or off a 727 or MD-80 using the planes built in air stairs at KSAN

How bout Eagle County Rgnl Airport (EGE)? I saw a video of pax getting off of a 757!

Did they get jetways?

Burbank and Long Beach

Yeah, those were the days… Both of those rotundas in terminal 1 were originally single-story. Everyone there used airstairs. After USAir took over PSA, the second stories and jet bridges were added, and USAir was going to use the bottom floor as office space. Not sure how true this is, but I heard the USAir kicked in a few bucks for the construction. Terminal 2 was built with jet bridges.
Today, you can still find airstair use at KSAN. The Commuter Terminal. It used to be the old PSA maintenance hangar. Now, all the Brasilias, Saabs, and most of the RJ’s use it. No jet bridges.

Just an interesting note–

At Palm Beach - PBI - Obviously we have jetways, and more expansion on the way, but wanted to point out that Jetblue will utilize front and rear exits simultaneously (sp?) at the terminal to expedite turn around time. I flew from 25 degree JFK, and exited onto the tarmac in 80 degree weather in Jan.

How bout Eagle County Rgnl Airport (EGE)? I saw a video of pax getting off of a 757!

Did they get jetways?

Nope I was there a couple weeks ago. They used two sets of stairs to get everyone off. I think it actually went faster this way.

While at SFB waiting to board my Allegiant flight awhile ago, I noticed that another allegiant plane was using the jetway & the rear stairs to exit its pax

Oddly enough, if any of you fly into KORD on United Express you might use the air stairs on the CRJ or ERJ to walk to and from terminal 2. Its a hit or miss with them though. On a sunny day you use the jetway and when its pouring down rain on 1st of December you have to walk on the tarmac to T2 and get soaked. PVD-ORD. Then you wait 2 hours for your luggage to get to the claiming area.

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How about the Mobile Lounges and Plane Mates at Washington/Dulles, do they count as non-Jetways?


We don’t have a jetway at MCW. The Saab 340s that fly in here have an airstair onboard.


Although they’ll get a few if the new terminal project ever happens.

Yampa Valley Regional Airport (HDN)

Comair at CVG.


San Jose

There are some gates at SJC with Jetways

There are some gates at SJC with Jetways

That is true. However Terminal C is loading mainline traffic without jetways.