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What is going on March 22-24?

Thanks in advance for any information…I am trying to book a FQTV trip for my wife to Chicago over the weekend of March 22 and 24 and all airlines have it blacked out. This is not Easter weekend (its the next weekend) and I can’t find any major conventions. Am I missing something? Appreciate any help. --DJ

If Easter is the following weekend then I would say the airlines are blacking out the entire week prior to Easter.

Agreed, I would think that would be the case but at least at Delta and US Airways, March 22 and 24 are specifically blacked out while Easter weekend is available, albeit at a higher redemption level.

Of course nothing at US domestic carriers makes any sense but this is even more odd than usual…If I want to fly Palm Sunday weekend, its blacked out, but if I want to fly Easter weekend, I can redeem for 40K.

I even looked at the seat maps for the flights in question and there are no more than 30 seats confirmed on 757’s and A320’s.

My guess would be easter break time at schools. Families scheduling vacations during that time.

No more Easter breaks, thank you very much, Politically Correct Idiots. Now it’s called Spring Break.
Regardless of what it’s called, CM5299, you are correct.

Thanks, folks, appreciate the info.

are all airlines blacking out them days lol

WN is only charging $141 o/w from EWR to MDW on March 22nd through 24th.