Yesterday i was on DL2948 to Detroit. This plane was CANCELLED because:
- The computer, which helps navigate the plane, broke.
- It was so busy at Lindbergh Field
- The A320 ran out of power to reset, and went on again. Still, the computer did not work
- The A320 was scraped, since the Delta Airlines people have never seen an inciddent like this before.
- There is no flight to Detroit until December 22.
- The Bags dealoding the plane took FOREVER, since they were only taking bags of the plane one-by-one.
- Many people were re-scheduled on the later flight to Michigan, but that was totally overbooked. Others were booked on planes to Minneapolis and Salt Lake City on Delta. Or, many people took differnet airlines like United or Southwest, departing from Terminal 1.

Fortunantley, instead of going home, my dad was lucky to get us on Southwest to Las Vegas. It took a long time to wait, but it was worth the wait. On Wednesday, so we can visit my family in Michigan, we are taking a flight from LAS to DTW, on Delta.

Question: How can my family ensure to get the best seats on the flight, 2 days before the flight takes off? It has to be in economy, not first class.

Go to Delta’s website and view your reservation. On a seperate tab in the browser have running with the Delta aircraft that is scheduled to fly. Seatguru has started allowing you to put in your flight number and it brings up the possible aircraft that will be making that run. That site will help you figure out where you are and what seats are rated as good/OK/nothing special/bad. All you have to do is select the seats on the Delta (or whatever airline you are taking for future reference) website if there are any available. Of course, flying this time of year it may be slim pickings.

Just in case original person never heard of seatguru.

Website is at

Ah, yes. Grassy ass…

To add to that – and this works on Delta only – you can also visit the following website to see what seats are actually open (i.e. not blocked as premium seats, first class, etc.).

Back when I flew DL regularly this site was indispensable.