What does '110v156' mean?


When tracking a flight, I think its the last piece of information displayed. What does it mean?

The above is just an example. The numbers are different for every flight



Altitude (nearest 100 ft.). the little v notes climbing, descending or lack of a v means level. next is ground speed.
Lots of good info in the FAQs.



Not just you! I posted the debug error at discussions.flightaware.com/view … 5340#65340


As I mentioned in another posting, what you need to do is ignore the debug error. Exit the forum and then reenter the forum. Check for new postings to verify that your posting was there.

The first time this happened to me I had to delete 5 postings!

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^ is climbing, v is descending.


Or just click on the Discussions Forum Index link at the top of the error message.


That works took. However, I prefer going back to the location I left from and Discussions Forum Index takes me to the index rather than the new messages section.

EDIT: It’s all moot now. The debug error appears to have gone the way of the doodoo bird.


Thanks :smiley: