What are the numbers underneath the AC type and the flight name?


Hi, Texasred and welcome to FlightAware.

The bottom numbers on the map are altitude and groundspeed, respectively.


Much appreciated. Thank you.


I assume the ^ symbol means they are ascending and the v means descending…but am I missing something here? Do I add a zero to the altitude? Theres a FedEx DC-10 thats at altitude 354 with a gs of ~454 haha. Are these Flightlevels? FL354?


Yes, exactly, on both counts. Sorry for the incomplete explanation; the altitude is in hundreds of feet and the groundspeed is in nautical miles per hour (“knots”).


Again, thank you for your patience.


One more thing and I swear I’ll leave you alone! For instance, it says Alt: 354. Would this in turn be FL354? 35,400ft?


Above 179, it’s a flight level. For most practical tracking purposes (especially on FlightAware), 354 is 35,400ft.