Well... I give up.

Where was this photo taken? Thought I new my Caribbean strips but I’m stumped.

Photo Courtesy of FlightAware.comhttp://photos.flightaware.com/photos/retriever/4d312696128b3d549605414cddc6a426927cb0ea/.jpg

Apparently 4 Coronas doesn’t help me figure it out too well either… :angry:

Not a lot of info to work with, But that might be Isla Culebra, PR.
Been about 10 years since I was down that way.

Just for fun, Anyone know where this is? Grass strip west of PR.flickr.com/photos/37160618@N08/3414385124/

Sorry , that did not work.


HOLY SMOKES!!! Ask and ye shall receive!

You nailed it Wingnut! :smiley:

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If I had a hat I would take it off to you… :smiley:

Mayaguez… and I’m packing my beach gear as we speak. Talk to you all in a few months… :smiley:

No, not Mayaguez.
I was trying to show the grass strip on Isla Mona. about half way between PR. and DR. The Island is restricted as a game preserve, But with special permission you can land there. When I lived in PR some friends that had PULL got that permission for me. I landed my Mooney there several times.

Well… I suppose you’re right, technically, but Isla Mona is a barrio of Mayaguez as is the island of Desecheo to the north.

Can I get half-credit for my answer at least? :wink:

[edit] found this for folks who have no idea what we’re talking about: