Weird air corridors

I am always intrigued of what possible reasons can be in selecting certain air corridors.
This is one of those examples of “avoidances”. See how all airplanes follow almost the same “crocked” route?

here’s a nice piece of reading on that :slight_smile:

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EDIT: You can get to IFR map layers on your local Skyaware map, but only for the US and parts of Canada. For the rest of the world it seems you have to do as I describe below. Not sure why.

This may not directly answer your question, but may help in understanding what you see. I just learned of this feature a few days ago.

  • Be sure to login to your FA account
  • Click on any flight in your local Skyware list to open a new detailed window
  • The default map is called “Classic”. I despise it. It looks like an impressionist painting of what the underlying geography kinda-sorta looks like.
  • Click on the map layers icon in top right corner, then click on “Classic”. A whole new set of map overlays is available.

The two IFR options show routes, waypoints, etc. It may not answer all of what you see, but it will explain a lot about why flights follow certain tracks. It really helped me equate what I see on daily basis is rooted in some documented structure.

Hope that helps.

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