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Nothing out of the ordinary, but SWA411 enroute HOU to MDW and AAL2064 enroute AUS to ORD just flew over SUS directly over each other (within 1/2 mile, but seperated by 2000’) and stayed perfectly matched for over 60 miles.


I tried to link the pictures into my reply but it would not work, if you get to see this before either of them depart again you can see where AAL2064 got vectored slightly off course so they could descend without conflicting. Like I said before nothing too unordinary but cool non the less.


It looks like one would like the ability to superimpose two separate flight tracks on the same map. But even if they were a perfect overlay, you’d still have no idea from the map alone about time separation between the two planes.


That would be a cool feature, it would allow you to see the differences in all the SIDS/STARS for various airports. I just happened to see the 2 planes on radar as they were flying overhead and looked up their flight info, then I clicked back and forth between the two pages.

I guess if you wanted to go through the trouble you could save the images then open them in photoshop and adjust the opacity to overlay them.

edit too late, SWA411 already left for DTW.


You’re fortunate that you can see the ID blocks for planes that are overhead. If you were to live in the city of Dallas, as I do, the flight activity to/from KADS/KDAL/KDFW means that you almost never see an ID block for overhead aircraft. The 6-minute delay plays havoc in IDing those planes also. You often get about 10 possibilities to choose from.

That’s one reason I’m so eagerly awaiting map zoom/pan capabilities.