Warbirds over SPI at around 6000 or 8000?? Anyone? Anyone?

Long shot I’m sure, but this is the best place to find out. Appears they were VFR as they don’t show up on the FA maps. At about 3pm 26JUL there were 3 in a loose diamond formation headed probably between 280 and 300 at 6000 to 8000 ish. The lead appeared to be grey, left was in the blue and yellow training colors, and the third appeared to be in navy blue or another dark shade. I’m thinking they were T-6’s or Stearman (I hate to be that vague) soundwise very bassy sounding and speedwise very slow, high enough not to be able to make out much shape (such as the straight wing trailing edge on a T-6 or the never mistakable T-6 tail. I’m leaning to T-6 though as they were very loud for that altitude and they had that T-6 sound, the Stearman is not quite as bassy, on the other hand, I’ve never seen T-6’s in the blue and yellow, only the Navy yellow paint.
Anyone have any clues?
My son was outside playing street hockey and I thought he cut is leg off when he yelled from the door at the top of his lungs, COME HERE NOW!!! NOW!!! NOW!!! Glad he did although frightend, but now curious as to what they were.

you may want to check on activity at KDBQ. i noticed a t6 (among others)from illinois landed there this evening. there has been some warbird activity there the past few days as a formation-flying clinic is taking place there. then the participants all fly up to oshkosh, wi for the annual eaa airventure. hope that helps!

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I looked up their traffic and found this guy 550SH.

which flight pathwise, is pretty close, and timewise would’ve been dead on…his track is right over the house and with the departure time from MWA I would’ve at least heard him when outside. I wonder if how the other two aircraft would’ve played into this being an IFR flight, but even if not.

Thanks for the quick response and info, I think you may have nailed it Killbucky, thanks!
I guess I’ll have to request photos of a T-6 in the blue and yellow basic trainer paint now.http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N550SH/history/20080726/1900Z/KMWA/KDBQ

cool! glad to help.