Israeli Air Force T-6 Texan?



Last night at 7:30PM, I saw this plane flying near my house.

I think it might be an Israeli Air Force T-6 Texan, but I am not sure.

The picture is very poor because it was very very distant. … y123/1.jpg

Any ideas?



Definitly not a T-6. If you look close you can see the wheel pant for a nosewheel. It looks to me like a Piper product with the standard maroon and white scheme.


Also the vertical stabilizer is more “triangular” on a T6. Here’s an image: … tes/page/1


Thanks, but I meant the T6 II … emID=29974


I always forget about that one.


Is it possibly that one? There were 2 in the area yesterday, but they departed for Quebec in the early morning.


I don’t even think that is a II?

Hey John, in your picture of that T-6 it says in the description you put T-6 for the aircraft type, but it said invalid. . . Put SNJ5. . .


I’m still thinking Piper product. It looks like it has a nose wheel pant, which the new T-6 doesnt, plus the red paint is that of a Piper. I haven’t seen any of the Israeli aircraft, but I would assume the paint scheme would be their trademark green tan brown.


looking again the nose is way too short an it’s an enclosed cabin as opposed to a bubble.


Cherokee 180???


That worked. Thanks.


That worked. Thanks.

I had that trouble a long time ago, but finally figured it out. . .