Military plane 4 props T-tail?

Just flew over us. We’re near S45. I think it went in and out of ONP. I’m an amatuer at this, and my searches didn’t pop any hits, so I would appreciate it if any of the experts here could at least tell me what type of plane it is. Thanks

Probably a C-130.

And, welcome to FlightAware.

Ya, probably. C-130 is a good aircraft.

Thanks All. It was Ms. CG that saw it first (she was driving down 101 past ONP and called me), and I thought it seemed like a C-130 myself, but maybe an hour later it flew right over Siletz Bay after leaving ONP, and I got a great look at it, and the tail is different from from a C-130. The horizontial portion of the tail is at the top rather than at the bottom, kind of like a DC9. Also maybe a bit smaller than a C-130. Not a big deal…just curious. Thanks

What color?

looked like military gray (it was backlit, so not certain) , and it did not show up on Flightaware, so I’m pretty sure it’s military. (We’ve previously seen a fighter jet go into ONP, and the Coast guard uses it for their helicopters.) Thanks

Are you sure they were props and not jets? Four jets and a T-tail sounds like a C-17.

C-141 is long and narrow since being stretched. They may have all been retired however. Does the National Guard have any of these?

Of course the C-5 has a T tail too.

Thanks so much. I heard it before I saw it, and it definitely sounded like it had props, and I saw 4 engines that appeared to be props, and a tail like a DC-9. Smaller than a C-130, I thnk, which I’ve seen previously. Thanks

I would assume it was one of these then but I don’t the the military owns any Dash 7’s.

Army Dash-7, aka RC-7

Learn something everyday… :astonished:

An RC-7, never heard of that. For about 8 years (late 70’s and early 80’s) you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a Dash 7. Then one day they were gone.

Ya know, I kinda thought that that was what it was, because it looked like the Horizon planes, but I didn’t think the military has any of them. Anyways, thanks all!

Actually, they do.

I think the military uses Dash 8’s for a variety of rare missions and the DEA or an agency like that uses them for patrol.

Did it look like this?

That is a P-3, he said it had a T-tail…

Thanks all again. defintely 4 props, definitely T-tail, definitely gray. So assuming that the military has gray versions of the Dash 7, that pretty much has to be it. Thanks

I forgot the C-130 does not have a T-tail. Was it turbo-prop, or piston?

CC-132 Canadian military designation for the Series 102/103
O5-A (RC-7 ARL) - converted by California Microwave Incorporated 1991-92
EO-5C (RC-7B) - converted by California Microwave Incorporated 1996

'EO-5B (ARL-C) United States military designation for Series 102

Sounds like an Airbus A400M but you said smaller than a C-130. The AB is a little larger than a C-130.