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Drab Green C130 today at KMDW

I see them all the time over RFD, but today at about 3pm (CST) there was a very low flying C130 flying under the weather - not sure if it was coming or going. I did not see it at all on the inbound or outbound listings…are military flights excluded from the listings? I sorta presume they are…but never seen one at MDW in the past.


Well, you can’t track it if that’s what you mean. If it was drab green it could have been RAF like thsi one. forums.canadiancontent.net/inter … eased.html. I personally have never seen a C-130 other than the RAF in drab green. I hope this helped you! A lot more productive than google!

Obama was in town today 3/15/13

That makes a ton of sense…cars and what not that they move. Not sure where AF1 set down but it makes sense that this would be part of his team. I saw it and got on LiveATC with in 60 seconds and could not make rhyme or reason of where that craft was going to or coming from.

Obama uses a C-17 to transport vehicles.

I’m sorry I meant Jim Cancer! lol :laughing: :wink:

Cancer jokes are tasteless…

This plane had props - I am 99% certain it was a C130 but then again I am not so bright. :laughing:

I’m sure you saw a C-130. I’m saying that there’s a chance it wants related to Obama being there since he uses a C-17 to transport his cars.

I was just shocked how low it was - under the weather over Orland Park Il. It was very foggy out - I dont want to make an estimate on the height as I am sure that I will be wrong - certainly under a few thousand feet.

Again, I see the National Guard C130’s all the time over RFD doing loops - but they all show up on the website, this one was no where to be found or heard. It stood out - being as we are on the path to MDW we hear Southwest all the time, the props was a whole new background sound.

What website? Like I said it could possibly be RAF or RCAF. Both of those air forces have drab green C-130s.

Why would RAF be flying out of Chicago/Midway? This was the exact same craft as flow by the National Guard…pretty sure it is a US plane - maybe the Canadians are invading eh? :question:

Still odd to me that it was not on this site - nor Live ATC

Well military can not be tracked. There is a chance it was the RCAF though. Possibly for training. I’ve seen a German Air Force transall C-160 at Phoenix sky harbor and a RCAF F-18 at Mesa gateway so anything can happen.

And it quite simply could be a ship from the 182nd airlift wing of the Illinois ANG based in Peoria:


Some good pictures there. Perhaps that will help

Thank you, Jim!

A lot of military forces use the C-130. It is a very widely used plane.