Two planes need info for


I recently have seen two place sitting on the tarmac at my local airport. I have tried searching for them, ut don’t quite know what to do.

Tail Number of first was N88, my search came back to a private jet “BOMBARDIER INC CL-600-2B16” to the government.

Second had no “n” just the number 10041 which I have had trouble searching for. It was I believe a 737, the one with the wing tips.
Also a govt plane, deacked out in similar scheme as Airforce one.

BTW both aircraft were in a new Zealand airport.


Was the second one this one?

It’s indeed a 737-7CP. The military call it a C-40B. This particular one is cn 33080.


Here’s the first one:

Its cn5588, registered to the FAA.


Thanks for that guys.
I often see planes not usually in NZ parked up at Operation Deep Freeze at the airport here in Christchurch.

There is always a steady stream of c-17’s and C-130’s here in summer going down to the ice.