Any idea who operates this aircraft?
Shows as an A319, belive the callsign was RedWing.



A 9000 number usually denotes a maintenance flight, but I havn’t had any luck with the ICAO code or the call sign you gave.


The latest Telephony listing from the FAA is from 12/05 and it’s not there, so it must be newer than that


Looks like a delivery flight. No idea who “Redwing” is :question:


… or, more often, a charter flight.


Thanks all for trying to help, but a buddy at JFK solved the mystery. The call sign was “RedWood” not “RedWing”, and VRD9007 was a delivery flight for Virgin America.


The latest listings i have from the FAA do not show “REDWOOD” but RED WING is C&M Airways,El PAso Tx.


We have a winner!


They were originally allocated ICAO VUS but this has now been taken up by another carrier if you look at the official ICAO 8585 doc site. VRD is still not listed yet, but it is the new ID for Virgin America and the aircraft in question was N523VA.

Point your mouse HERE to see the delivery info from my site under line 3181.


Super, its all there, even the delivery route. Thanks RobK