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VP-CAZ Premier 1A fatal crash France Mar 4/2013

Another (N777VG and VP-CAZ) Premier 1A down in France - VP-CAZ Premier 1A with 3 persons on board, 1 survivor reported - departing runway 12 at Annemasse Airport, Rhône Alpes, France - aircraft crashed just off the end of the runway, hitting a field, and striking a home.

Last known operator is Jet Concept of Luxembourg, a management company for unknown owner. Accident occurred AM Mar 4 2013.

Premier 1A RB-202 2007 build, VP-CAZ

Annemasse Airport is located a short distance east of Geneva, Switzerland - in France.

The second “map” picture indicates that the plane may have struck a large building before crashing in the field – am I interpreting that correctly?


Wow. Things could have been much worse. Any preliminary info regarding a possible cause? That is a lot of maneuvering for a jet.

Waiting for something official, witnesses stated he didn’t hear the engines under power when it flew over him ??

The survivor was spotted crawling out of the fuselage, broken pelvis but expected to make a full recovery.

BEA recently opened a safety investigation following the accident at Raytheon 390 Premier 1 in the town of Cranves-Sales (74) at 9 am, Monday, March 4, 2013. The aircraft, registration VP-CAZ, crashed shortly after taking off from the airfield in Annemasse. Two of the three people on board died.

A team of four BEA investigators will visit the site of the accident in the evening.

Accordance with the provisions of Annex 13 international, BEA associated NTSB, state representative of the manufacturer, the safety investigation.

bea.aero/fr/enquetes/cranves … .sales.php I use google translator to read it!, seems they update their accident site once a week, next date being March 9/2013.

Witness comment; "The plane swayed. I can not say if he had missed his landing or taking off though. He began to oscillate on the left and the right. Apparently he had a problem. All of a sudden it tipped a wing down, the other vertical, “told ParisMatch.com, Alain, a witness present near the crash site Monday morning.” At that time I was very fear. I did not know if he would fall on us. Its trajectory was indefinable. Suddenly he nosed into the ground in our direction. he first struck the roof of a first home. a farm which he tore half the roof. Inside there was a person who was sleeping, “he added. the aircraft then pulled a” fence, struck once the ground "and bounced once before landing in a garden and catch fire. "

News story in French (video)

Kinda looks like a not too well handled V-1 cut (sarcasm here/failed right engine). Premier has a fat fuselage, a small wing, and is developing a dismal safety record. I think they need to be equipping them with Lear 24 pilots. They might last a little longer.

Sad part other than 1 other fatal accident, it’s just in the last 30 days we’ve had 3 fatal accidents, at a time when there are at least 5 bidders lining up to buy the Beechcraft (jets) and Hawker lines.