What are the vision requirements to become a commercial pilot at this time. I’ve check but i’ve gotten conflicting results.



From AOPA…(not linked because its in the members only section)
First Class Medical (FAR 67.13): “distant visual acuity of 20/20 or better in each eye separately without correction or of at least 20/100 in each eye separately corrected to 20/20 or better with corrective lenses (glasses or contacts).”

For an automatic waiver, which is issued by the designated medical examiner, vision must be no worse than 20/200, correctable to 20/20 or better. If it’s greater than 20/200, or can’t be corrected to at least 20/20, the pilot would need to get a waiver with an eye evaluation issued by the FAA. The waiver is issued based on a case-by-case analysis.

As far as vision requirements are concerned, corporate aviation seems to follow the credo that “the FAA regulations are our company policy.”

Corporate aviation’s main concern is that an applicant possess a First Class Medical. A pilot in the corporate world has a great deal of interaction with passengers, thus, a heavy emphasis is placed upon personality. A pilot with a winning personality, good flight background, and 20/100 uncorrected vision (20/20 corrected) typically would have a better chance of landing a corporate job than a pilot with a so-so attitude, good flight background, and perfect 20/20 vision.

Second Class Medicals seem to be acceptable for many co-pilots, however, and an applicant with a First Class Medical would most likely be selected over an applicant with a Second Class simply based on the fact that captains must carry a First Class Medical (and, as with the majors, corporate flight departments want to hire future captains).

Vision requirements range from Delta’s 20/20 uncorrected to United’s 20/100 uncorrected, correctable to 20/20.


So basically if you get worse than 20/100 your screwed?


That’s not what my son said, read it again!


Well the last paragraph suggest that because it gives a comparison from the lowest to the highest. I am also not that familiar with the classes. So if ur worse than 20/200 you have to get special approvial? I am 20/40 at this time and its not getting any better. Both of my parents have pretty bad vision.


Then I wouldn’t worry too much.


I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Visual acuity, or the lack thereof, isn’t considered an inherited trait.

Also, don’t equate a commercial pilot solely with an ATP who carries passengers for hire. One of the best friends of cfijames is a commercial pilot flying a Learjet carrying packages, making a bundle and having a blast doing it. And the passengers never complain!


Well I have good people skills and would like to be an ATP pilot over cargo or something like that. It all comes down to I guess in my case my vision.


I wouldn’t worry too much about your vision at this point in your life.

Besides, the USAF would let you drive their heavy iron without any problems at all, just vision corrected to 20/20!

BTW, thanks for updating your location.


Just as it is redundant to call it a PIN Number (which means Personal Identification Number Number), it is redundant to call it a ATP Pilot (Airline Transport Pilot Pilot).

What’s wrong with flying cargo? From what I’ve read, the job security is better for cargo carriers than for passenger carriers. Besides, the “passengers” on cargo flights don’t complain if you the ride is a little bumpy.


Don’t forget the WAC Conference (this is actually in a media guide at a D-I school) and ATM Machine…


Guess i’ll just have to see how bad it gets…

JHEM: Were you talking about like an Air Force jet? Cause this Q and A says you have to have 20/70 corrected to 20/20. … _topview=1

The reason why I ask is because I need to plan my highschool classes on what im going to be doing.