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I an effort to try and get a decent display on a mobile device I set up Virtual Radar Server.

I’ve run VRS before on a laptop with no problem now, any device, mobile or laptop I get ‘This page can’t load Google maps correctly’. The map then appears but is dark all over.

Tried Chrome and Firefox and mobile devices are Android and Google maps shows fine on all devices other than through Virtual Radar.

I haven’t tried the VRS forum yet as I’ve seen it mentioned on this forum quite a bit so maybe someone may be able to throw some light.



May not be related, but, I just installed the latest version of VRS, and there is a change involving the mapping. Make sure you select Google maps, because it defaulted to another one upon installation.

As for Google maps, since they now require an API key in certain situations, it sometimes fails to load properly.


I’ve been looking for a setting to alter map, can’t find any option.

I know it’s worked fine on my laptop display before, haven’t changed anything as I don’t actually use it that often. Skyview is acceptable on a decent screen but hopeless for mobile display.


Edit addition, just found an option for Use Google Maps API key for local requests - not sure how to use that but will look in to it.


If you are using the latest version of VRS, click on options, and go to the first sub-menu Data Sources, I believe it’s called.


Version 2.4.0 or before have Google Map only.
Version 2.4.1 and v2.4.2 have option to select either Google Map or Leaflet-OpenStreet Map.

How to Change Map? (ver 2.4.1 & 2.4.2)

Click “Tools” >> “Options”


Click “Data Source” >> Map Provider Drop-down, and from drop-down, choose Google or Leaflet. If you choose Leaflet, you will get a drop-down list of many map types. >> Click OK to save settings.



If you choose Google Map, you get an option to add Google API Key. This key is not necessary to view map on your Local Network, but needed if you want your Map to be accessible on Internet. For Leaflet-OpenStreet Map, no key is required.


U da man @abcd567!

I learned that the hard way. I like Google maps, but no way I’ll go for a key. Need to explore the Leaflet options, and if I find one I like, it’s bye bye Google maps.

I kind of got used to the OpenStreet map, it does not ‘hurt’ as much as before.:grin:


While we are talking about VR, how can i download a copy of my range map to then compare with one i save later on after adding new dongles, antenna etc?


I did, and settled on the ESRI - World Street Map. Nice contrast, pleasing to my eyes.


I can still see Google Map normally on VRS and modeSMixer2 WITHOUT using Google Key :slight_smile:

Google Map


Leaflet - Open Street Map


Leaflet - ESRI World Street Map


Google Map - modeSMixer2


But only on the local network. It’s not an issue 90% of the time, but annoying when trying something different, and the map does not work.

In any case, Leaflet - ESRI World Street Map is nice to my eyes. Google lost a ‘map customer’ regardless.:smiley:

Free, no strings attached, is always preferred here.:grin:


Same here :grin: :grin:


I run VRS 24/7 using the Google Maps. The whole API deal is a little daunting to setup but really isnt that hard. Had no issues with it until my IP changes and I have to re do the setting sin the google API console.

I really wish we could overlay some weather into VRS.