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Virgin Australia / Delta Codeshare Error

A bunch of VOZ codeshares on DAL are incorrectly being returned as separate flights this morning.

VOZ6640, VOZ6455, VOZ6651, VOZ6721, VOZ6668… etc. etc. my software has detected about twenty such flights.


This should be fixed now. The error was specific to an unexpected upstream change in VOZ schedule data and how code shares were handled.

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Still broken. I’m showing bogus flights for VOZ 6417, 6516, 6416, 6548, 6584, 6888, 6585, 6461, 6588, 6567, 6465, 6606, 6626, 6629, 6705, 6709, 6715, and 6652.

Please notify the chain of command there that I’m frustrated it took two weeks to get any response on this, and that it was incorrect when it came.

Looks like this was resolved on the morning of March 9 (central time).

Please do better with your follow-up on these issues; this is very frustrating.

Somtimes changes such as these are due to a data provider, as dogrock indicated by it being an “upstream” change. These changes may take a few days/weeks to propagate depending on the update frequency of that data provider.

I’m empathetic with respect to upstream changes taking time - that’s totally understandable.

I’d just appreciate quicker/more-accurate follow-ups on concerns when they’re brought up. In this case I raised a concern, was told it was fixed two weeks later (it wasn’t), and then when it was actually fixed three days later, I wasn’t notified - that’s very frustrating.