Virgin America


I Virgin America a new airline? I’ve never heard of it. Anywhere, where does it fly to?


Hasn’t started flying yet, and as a matter of fact its first plane was recently painted into the VA livery. They will be based in San Francisco, if I remember correctly.


Anyone have info. about the fleet size & types? Obviously going to carry some A320s.
I would imagine they may have a considerable presence in KEWR if there are any slots available :open_mouth: , as Virgin Atlantic has several flights in & out of here. :question:


Nice picture. I love that color with the A320.


Go to the Docket Managment System. Click on advanced search. Enter virgin america in the field labeled “Document Title” in the Document Information section. Click search. Dcouments related to the “Application of Virgin America Inc. for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity” will appear. You can find out all you ever wanted to know about Virgin America’s application, including aircraft and illustrative service proposal.


Virgin America has been certified to fly
The DOT’s certification:

Here’s a news article on the certification ( … 4520070711)

U.S. certifies Virgin America Airlines for service

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Virgin America Airlines, the low-cost carrier with ties to British entrepreneur Richard Branson, received its operating license on Wednesday from U.S. aviation authorities and announced plans to sell tickets.

The carrier plans to start flying in August from its San Francisco base. Virgin America will fly new Airbus A319s and A320s and plans to serve up to 10 cities within a year of its launch. Routes will be announced in the coming weeks.

Virgin America won regulatory approval of its business plan in May after agreeing to restructure its investor financing – including millions from Branson’s interests – and promising to replace its chief executive, Fred Reid, to satisfy a U.S. law that limits overseas influence in domestic airlines.

Virgin America will still have a branding and marketing relationship with Branson’s Virgin Group, which operates British-based Virgin Atlantic Airways. Some U.S. airlines had opposed Virgin America’s entrance, saying Branson would be controlling the airline one way or another.

Virgin America has said it is an American carrier and operating decisions will be made by U.S. citizens, as the law requires.

The operating license granted by the Federal Aviation Administration demonstrates that Virgin America meets U.S. aviation safety standards. It was the final government hurdle needed to launch service.

Virgin America submitted its initial application for service in December 2005, which was denied. It amended its business proposal in January to address U.S. Transportation Department concerns with its ownership group.

Virgin America enters a crowded market in which major U.S. carriers are struggling to maintain the industry’s modest recovery begun last year. Carriers have been buffeted by high fuel prices and softening demand.

The biggest airlines are cutting the number of seats available for sale domestically, and shifting their emphasis to lucrative international routes.

Virgin America’s most direct rival is JetBlue Airways, based in New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. And Southwest Airlines is beginning San Francisco service this fall.


Its based out of SFO (San Francisco). They said they are going to fly to places such as JFK, DC, etc.

Offical website:


Here is link to a thread on the delivery flight. A 319


Still not clue as to where they will fly. I almost fell asleep looking at the interior photos and features, looks nice.


Start up dates;

SFO - LAX August 8
SFO - JFK August 8
LAX - JFK August 29
SFO - IAD September 26
SFO - LAS October 10
LAX - IAD October 24


Virgin America has got some work to do on their web page.

I tried to see if I could get on the first flight from SFO to LAX. That was sold out. However, what was amusing was that I entered 8/8 for both the outbound and return flight. It told me my return flight couldn’t be before my outbound flight, even though I hadn’t even picked a flight yet! It did let me go on with the booking.

Just like every other airline except Southwest, there is a penalty for changing your flight. In this case, it’s $40. So, if you were to fly one way SFO-LAX, your $44 fare would be worth only $4 if you canceled. If you were on Southwest at, say $44 and you canceled then you would have $44 good towards a future flight. This is why I do not fly on other airlines. If I can’t make the flight, I expect to have 100% of my fare applicable towards another fare, not less some stupid cancellation fee.




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JetBlue, Southwest match Virgin America prices…

The start of ticket sales by new carrier Virgin America has inspired low-cost airlines - JetBlue and Southwest Airlines - to match its fares.

JetBlue plans to offer New York-California round-trip flights for $278, according to, mirroring Virgin America’s $139 one-way cross-country ticket.

Southwest Airlines will also attempt to steal a march on the new airline, by matching its $44 one-way fares between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Talking to Bloomberg News, Chris Mainz, a Southwest Spokesman, said that the carrier would battle hard against the industry newcomer.

“We’ll keep a very close eye on them and compete vigorously,” he commented. “For the most part, you’ll find our fares are very competitive, if not, in fact, lower.”

Virgin America began selling tickets last week, and will begin flights between New York and San Francisco, and San Francisco and Los Angeles, on August 8.

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I would not be praising them just yet… they remind me of skybus


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is a penalty for changing your flight.

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