New US Airline Virgin America......Pick Destinations

Okay, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Virgin America by now, but if you haven’t it is a new airline TRYING to get started by Sir Richard Branson. They have 6 destinations already but need help picking more! Please do this! And while you’re at it sign their petition to the D.O.T. for approval! You can also tour their A/C…AMAZING!!! … irgin.html



I would like that too, but we Minneapolis never has success with low far airlines. And it would be going to SFO where NWA and SC fly. I am not saying it wont happen but i don’t think it can succeed.

I think that since VA will be so different, it could succeed. I mean, NW and SC fly to Orlando, but AirTran still succeeds. If VA came to MSP, I think it would work.

I have nothing to do with Virgin America just what MSP needs is more all Airbus service.

Southwest is a little over due enter the Red Tail capital.

I think instead of where Virgin America will fly, I think the question is will they? Every day on the ground has to be eating up someones money somewhere

the cabin looks nice in the plane (on their website); massaging first class seats, and 55 pitch!! Even economy looks nice I hope that airline does well. They may set a new standard :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: that none would follow??

I agree with Cirrus000. Virgin America will, without a doubt, set a very HIGH standard for domestic airlines. Both the First and Economy class cabins are very nice. I love the mood lighting. I am glad I live in the San Francisco area!!

But I think VA should fly to BOS or MIA. It would be cool if they flew to Hawaii like HNL and OGG. I think I may send an application to be a flight attendant for Virgin America when they start hiring flight attendants! It would be so cool to work there.

I voted BNA 8)


If they ain’t going to fly to LVK, I don’t want them to fly at all!

Is there any air service into KLVK?!?!?


No, because the idiots that live around it won’t allow it and the stupid ass politicians cave in to them. The were a startup that had planned on using BAe 146 to LVK at one time.