Virgin: All business class flights


Virgin are to start doing flights that are business class only out of heathrow, i don’t know what aircraft they will use yet but do anyone have an opinion about how well they will do compared to MAXjet? MAXjet do flights into gatwick and stansted and i know gatwick is busy but in my experience i know it is quicker to disembark and get out of the airport quicker than at heathrow so in business views what would people prefer and would it last?


I am in and out of London quite often. Heathrow is so big that most people are slowed just due to the size and massive amount of people. Gatwick is not as bad, but still busy. Of course the train service into both makes them more user friendly than most US airports one you know them. Stansted is a ways out and there are not nearly as many connections on the major carriers. MaxJet has been a great airline to fly for me. I will watch this Virgin airline before plunking down the dollars. I have had friends and colleagues be not so satisfied with their trips across the pond with Virgin’s low cost airline and really wonder if it can take the big steps required to do this and last. There are only so many people willing to pay the extra.



uhh maxjet only goes to stansend as does eos. And silverjet has ltn


yea eos was the extra one i wanted just couldnt remember the name and sorry about saying it went into gatwick it just said that in the june 2006 edition of airliner world so maybe they withdrew the gatwick route before starting operations