Airlines That Will Have Great Business During 2012 Olympics


As you all know, the 2012 Summer Olympics in London is quickly approaching! And people are already buying their Olympic tickets and the most important thing, plane tickets! With England’s British Airways based both at London Heathrow, and Gatwick International, they will not be the only airline that will have the highest amount of business. What other airlines, in your opinion will also have great business accompanying passengers to London? These are the airlines, in my opinion, that will do good in business. All these airlines originate from their hubs:

United Airlines,
Delta Airlines,
US Airways,
American [Maybe]
Japan Airlines,
Air France
Singapore Air,
Air Canada,
China Airlines,
Air China, or any other Chinese airlines.

What do you think? List out the airlines that would have good business. Tell me if I am missing any other airline from my list.


Only one airline can have the highest amount of (increased) business due to the Olympics. I think that airline will be British. The other airlines will have more business - I think American, because of their relationship with British, will have more of an increase when compared to other airlines.


With that said, I would say:


Keep in mind that for most of the flights there, especially in Europe, most routes could make it there in a B737 or A320 series jet. With that, the SWA effect could come in with multiple runs on the same route. When you can make it from Sofia, Bulgaria to Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, or City in an A319, you’re open to many ways to get there.



Need to remember that the London airports are slot controlled so it’s not possible to increase frequencies. In order to increase frequencies from one city to London another city would have to have its frequencies reduced.

Who is MYT?


MYT is MyTravel Airways.

Formerly Airtours International Airways, they are now part of the Thomas Cook company.
Both companies operate under the call-sign “Kestrel”.


Ryan air and easy jet