Top 2 UK airlines BA vs. VS

Feel free to state why.

I like VS. I have not had the pleasure to fly either carrier, but I really like sir Richard and his way of being just a rebal in how he does things. BA I’m sure is a nice carrier but I would have only wanted to ride on Concorde and those days are gone.

You’ll have to keep us posted on which you select and how everything goes.

BA, but only Business Class or higher. I have a deep-seated opinion that BA aircraft are maintained better than VA’s.

(I made the mistake of flying BA cattle class from LHR to Beijing, NEVER again!) :open_mouth:

Second choice is VA Premium Economy, which is pretty POSH. All other things being equal, VA treats their Premium Economy passengers better than BA does their “World Traveler” class, especially on the ground.

I have already selected the airline. I didn’t want to say which incase people vote just because I name the airline. Hope that makes sense.

What about economy?

No thank you, I’d sooner walk. :wink:

Seriously, I’m a BIG guy (6’6") and at my age I just can’t spend that long confined to a small seat without the ability to get up and stretch my legs regularly.

I’m 6’2". I’m forced to fly in economy. I can’t afford higher classes just yet. Being above 6 ft, would it be possible to get free upgrades?

We should be upgraded simply for being superior examples of humanity. :laughing:

Naw! Here’s the official classifications of height:

Under abnormal: under 5’5"
Normal: 5’5" to 5’7"
Over abnormal: over 5’7" :smiley:

You and I both know full well that those “standards” were established for the pygmies of Borneo and the airlines just apply them to you and I in order to fit more folks in their whistling aluminum sky-tubes.

Can I be your heir? :laughing:

BTW, for over 6’, ask for bulkhead or exit row. Ask soon, they’ll go early.
I knew another guy who was 6’6" and always flying the shuttle BOS-DCA. Either he had the exit row, or he didn’t go. It was all on contract, tightly bookkept, so he couldn’t book first class; at most the free upgrades.

I like VS. no promblems with them in the past while traveling to europe

:laughing: have you ever been upgraded becuase of your height?

Correct me if I;m wrong, but dosen;t that coast extra?

Yes I have, although it might just as well have been on account of my smiling demeanor and Frequent Flyer status. :wink:

No, it doesn’t cost anything extra to sit in the bulkhead or exit seats.

That all depends on the airline you are flying.
Here’s a *partial *list of airlines that charge for exit row or bulkhead (usually both) seating:
Virgin Atlantic (not all routes)

I sit corrected David and bow to your vastly greater experience with flying in Economy Class.

No, it’s just a matter of keeping up with news on the airline industry and doing a tad bit of research.

Most of my flights are on an airline that doesn’t nickel-and-dime to death the customer. Hint: It’s based at DAL.

The one with all the hubs? :smiling_imp:

I don’t think I’ve ever charged anyone for a bulkhead but I only change seats on day of departure and the bulkhead is usually blocked off by the gate agent.