Video of this landing?


Do any videos of this landing exist anywhere?


I know for a fact that you can view it at the museum the plane landed at. Other than that, I don’t know. :slight_smile:


You can see this aircraft doing maneuvers over the Rand Airport a year before the imfamous landing, but the landing video has escaped the internet’s grasps as of yet.


Nice! Would love to see a Vmo fly by. 342KIAS would be cool 8)


Second 747 to land at Rand is available on video.
Very amazing.
The perspective of the actual landing is scary…there’s a slight rise between the camera and the landing point. The pilot used a couple full deflections of rudder after landing.
(it’s another video that has questionable background music.)


Thanks james, I can die knowing that I’m not the best pilot alive :laughing:

That’s a great video. Thank you, I think my clients will enjoy it too.


I could’ve told you that… someone has to be in line behind me!