VH-OQA Qantas A380 live delivery ceremony Sept 19/08

There are currently 6 A380’s delivered and 192 on order. VH-OQA is the first Qantas delivery. Sign up to watch live coverage of delivery ceremony is free.

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The Qantas livery looks great on the A380. Park John Travolta’s 707 next to it and THAT would be quite a sight. The A380 probably dwarfs the 707, which isn’t a small airplane by any standards.

Travolta’s 707:

Travolta’s version of the 707 is a 120 series. Specifically, it is a 707-138B (the “38” is the Boeing customer code and indicates the aircraft was originally ordered by Qantas)
Wing span: 130’ 10"/261’ 10"
Length: 144’ 6"/238’ 8"
Height: 42’ 5"/79’ 0"

It’s amazing how much jet airliners have grown in such a relatively few years.