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A380 at DFW

Does any airline fly the Airbus A380 in to DFW? I thought that I saw one in Quantas livery approaching from the north at approximately 13:30 on 11. October. Flightaware showed it as a B747-400.

Thank you.

No airline does that I’ve seen, at least with scheduled service. There was an event that happened a few weeks ago that caused an A380 to divert to KDFW. That was the first time an A380 landed there, period. I believe there was a squawk about it…

QFA flies their A380s into KLAX.


Spelling counts - it’s Qantas (NO “U”).

For information on A380 flights check he website a380flights.net/


And a trivia question. Qantas is an acronym for?.
Easy to look up but who knew before they looked it up?
Just for fun

Queensland and Northwest Territories Aerial Service. How about a tough one?

Open to suggestions! Appreciate that is not tough but not everybody knows!

Change “Northwest” to “Northern” and add an “s” to the end of “Service” and you are correct: Queensland and Northern Territories Aerial Services.

For many years it was spelled QANTAS. Now it is spelled Qantas.

How about you both get it right: its Queensland and Northern TERRITORY air services…

Australia does not have multiple ‘northern territories’, we have one.

Mea culpa. I know it is Territory (singular) but for some reason put down Territories (plural). (I had even gone to the official source - qantas.com.au - to verify).